If you're looking for high-quality video-editing and footage of a recent performance, look no further. If you've performed, then it's a simple case of hunting down your event and the rider you want footage of, and then downloading. I work extremely hard to ensure footage goes up as quick as I can get it done, but please be patient as it's a fair amount of footage. So check back here often, kick back, enjoy a few games at http://www.partycasino.com/ or tune your machine in the mean-time, and soon you'll have your footage. I hope you enjoy the page, please contact me if you have any questions.

RAD Video Editing Schedule & RIDER VIDEO PROMO'S Race Footage

Videos are edited in bike size order from 50's to 450's, per event, and will be completed as close as possible to below order. I can do a Maxium of 2-3 promos a day. Weekends are spent at the races. Please be patient. I will do my BEST to get your video to you ASAP. Upcoming or most recent events/projects are on top. If you have any question feel free to contact Gregg @ 727-992-6304 cell EST. or e-mail me at webmaster@roadanddirt.com

Page Instructions: Find your event, find your rider. To Share the file for Social Media/email/blog hightlight what version you want Quicktime or Windows Media right click and and copy the URL. Paste on Facebook or email, etc. To SAVE the file to your computer. Mac Users: One click mouse user hit ctrl then click or right click if you have right/ left click mouse on download it, then Download file. PC Windows 7 users: RIGHT click on Windows, SAVE TARGET AS, then save it on your computer. YOU MUST HAVE THE LATEST QUICKTIME Player & iTunes TO VIEW THIS HD VIDEO. (uncheck and give a fake e-mail address)

Legend - Green = Event or Video Project - White = Not Done - Red = Working on - Yellow = Done

any color (S) means sponsored RADMX.com Rider

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World Mini Grand Prix

More names WILL be added

Caden Braswell

Will Ashmore

Joshley Howell

Tanner Amarillas

Devin Simonson

Ciarn Naran

Ethan & Alex Mann

Gabriel Jairala

Jarrett & Kylar Green

more to come

GNC Final at Oakhill
Tommy LeClere
Jason Stubbs
Larry Reyes Jr.
Hunter Tyson
Conner Mullennix
Brandon Matula
Zachary Vanluvanee
Shea Doherty
Austin Wiser
Jeff Pettis
Tucker Maxwell
Josh Cartwright
Seth Beavers
John Pauk

Matt Tedder

Tanner Amarillas

Casey Brennan
Buddy Wentworth
Max & Mike Miller
Justin Hill
Daytona SX, Millcreek & GNC Final at Oakhill
Seth Milam
Justin Cokinos

Lorenzo Locurcio

Callin Kauffman

Keith Tucker (S)
David Buller (S)

Nicolas Leocata

Millcreek & Oakhill

Hannah Hodges (S)

Gage Linville

Camo Mitchell

Steven Gretchen

Trevor Tate

Earl May

Jalek Swoll

Zach & Chase Bell (S)

Tanner Stack

Kyle Peters (S)

Daytona SX & GNC Final at Oakhill

Colton Eigenmann (S)


Will Ashmore

Kimble Jett

Richard Jackson

Corey Radcliff
Mario Testa
Warren Nelson
Patrick Lods
Colton Ford

Kylie & Cameron Fasnacht

Pete Davis (S)

Gavin Faith

2011 Daytona  Supercross
Ronnie Goodwin (S) PRO
Vortex Racing PRO
Karson Clements
Aaron Cantopoulo
Ethan Sims
Dylan Rouse
Ethan Sims
Dan Laplaca
Kirk Layfield
 2011 LL Area Qualifier at Reddick
The Smith's  
Ryan Davidson
Ryan Simpson
Austin Rue Watch it
0 Jacguel Gonzalez Watch it - Download it / Windows -  iPhone/Andriod
Pup Whatley
Ian Chia
2011 Florida Winter Am series
 Steven Gretchen

Dennis Banks

Bryce & Bailey Clark

Colton Eigenmann (S)

Justin Cokinos

Ramyller Alves

Conner Tierany

Hunter Tyson

Richard Jackson

Eric Goodson

Justin Everett

Colten Ford

Lorenzo Lucurcio

Nicolas Leocata

Pup Whatley

Earl May

Dan LaPlaca

Barry Carsten

Neil Dogra

Gabe Gutierres

Sebastian Iglesias

Keith Tucker (S)

Kyle Peters (S)

Schedule 2000-2010 is archived.